Our Story

GreenBox was founded in 2009 by current President, Jennifer Wright-Laracy, Ned Kensing and GreenBox pizza box creator, William Walsh. For Will in his college years, watching football with his fraternity brothers just wasn’t the same without pizza. With dirty dishes stacked to the ceiling, Will began tearing the top of the pizza box into makeshift, cardboard plates. That was just the beginning.

It always bothered Will that the bottom of the box was useless… and above all, cumbersome. He set out to change that, with an x-acto knife, 100 pizza boxes and 4 days holed up in his apartment. It was then and there that the GreenBox design was born — and he knew it would be a game-changer.

With a background in engineering and manufacturing, Will was a visionary in design…but needed help to make his dream a reality. Ned, a former chef, and Jennifer, who spent her career in finance, were the perfect fit. It didn’t hurt that they were Will’s best friends, and loved the idea… enough to leave their stable jobs behind and take a leap of faith.

In late 2011, the GreenBox team lost their best friend, business partner and GreenBox creator, William Walsh. He is dearly missed.